multi sensor thermostat

Last days I’ve been working on a new upgrade to my remote thermostat system in order to allow multi-sensors data collection. My current prototype makes use of a cheap NodeMCU board that send data using the MQTT protocol. On the server side, Telegraf receives data from MQTT and stores it on the main metrics repository InfluxDB. Links: »

spring boot hazelcast

I’ve released a new tool on github: Hazelcast remote shell for spring boot. The project is based on spring-boot-starter-remote-shell usage ssh user@localhost -p 2000 > hazelcast list > hazelcast get MY_KEY > hazelcast clear github repo: »

IoT with Spring Boot @ uniroma3

Yesterday I gave a talk about Java for the Internet of Things at Uniroma3 Rome University. I’ve presented an example project, “Weather Station in a box”, showing how to use Java to build IoT applications. The application has been written in Java8 using Spring Boot and was running on a Raspberry Pi. It shows how to interact with I2C sensors, USB devices and Web APIs (e.g. OpenStreetMap). More info: project »